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Hence the acronym SPASE the idea of Anglo-Saxon England, of course is not without its problems. Anglo-Saxon influence spread beyond the modern limits of England and into Scotland. Thus, Anglo-Saxon England is used as a shorthand to refer to this larger political and cultural entity. No offence is meant to those north of the border. These workshops were funded by the Arts and Humanities Reseach Council.

Independent studies have already contributed much to our understanding of village origins. But the task of bringing together this information is not easy. In part this is because much valuable information remains unpublished; in part this is because the evidence has been collected in so many ways that direct comparison or aggregation of the available data is made very difficult.

There can be no doubt that if studies of this kind are to progress, then the way we go about exploring village origins needs to change. Imagine being able to draw upon 100s of examples of villages investigated using a common methodology rather than just two or three. This is the idea that lies behind public SPASE. By harnessing the knowledge, expertise, and energy of local groups working independently, yet within a common research framework, the English countryside can become a massive laboratory within which to test current hypotheses. Astronomers have recently done tried this approach to great effect, so why, albeit on a smaller scale, can't local historians and archaeologists?

Behind public SPASE is a group of academics who are passionate about their subject, who are willing to share their expertise if required, but who recognise that the answers they seek often already lie with, or can be found by, people working on the ground.

The principal aims of this website, then, are as follows:

1. to offer guidance on how evidence might be collected in a standardized way at a local level, as appropriate for small groups often with very limited budgets.

2. to provide a forum for the communication of the results of research emanating from both local groups and the academic community

3. to provide local groups with easy access to academics and their current research

But these workshops also revealed just how much more work needed to be done. This is why participants began to look for a way forward, one in which we might add significantly to the available corpus of information. And it is why we have turned immediately for help from those of you who know these places best and who already hold the information we need, or who would be able to extract it given the right guidance. This is the purpose of public SPASE, to promote and facilitate the expansion of knowledge regarding village and hamlet origins through independent local interdisciplinary study undertaken within a national framework.

This paper looks at some fundamental questions about Anglo-Saxon onomastic data in relation to place-name evidence for traditional religion and belief. The key issues addressed are the extent to which our attested place-names are likely to date from the pre-conversion period, and the degree to which place-name data represents the language and world-views only of particular sections of society. Beliefs in supernatural beings will be addressed, along with their roles in shaping people's sense of place.

Our project looks at the validity of the term ‘ritual landscape’. It does so through assessing the impact of the creation and dissolution of a medieval monastic house on an extensive and diverse local landscape, which exhibits partly-understood ritual behaviours starting in the later Bronze Age. The chosen monastery is the Premonstratensian abbey of Barlings, located on the island of Oxney within an embayment of the Witham Valley east of Lincoln.

Why is it important to study our history?

History is considered to be the study of events and human affairs that happened in the past. It can be also found as a series of events happened in the past that are connected to a thing or person. However, history is what happened and had an impact on someone or something, regardless how important that cause is.

Therefore, it is highly important to know and to understand them, because they shaped the world and our society and made it the way it is today. Even escorts need to know these facts, because certain events lead to their position and brought them the fame they have today. But one thing is certain, their beauty never changes, they were beautiful London escorts and they will be until there is need for their company.

People find history and local history of communities unnecessary and sometimes boring, but one can find plenty of interesting and fun events, whole empires, cultures and systems that have a rich history and which study can be quite useful. It can show how our daily lives have changed and give answers to questions like 'why', 'when' and 'where' regarding general questions of our existence. It is important to have a sense of identity, not only national but also the one that goes through a family for generations. Lives of many people were changed when they found out what blood runs through their veins. Family and local history of communities, gives those answers and teaches us about our relatives, who they were and what they have done. Maybe you have royal blood in you or even had a crazy scientist or a relevant politician in your family generations ago. It would be interesting, at least, to know how your family got there where you live and how your last name was created and who was the one to do it.

Deeper meaning and important use

The study of history preserves stories over a huge period, it is like a book of everything that ever happened and was in any kind or measure relevant. But it can only in some occasions be read as a book, often it takes years and years to unfold a story and give meaning to it. Take just the Rosetta stone or the ancient Egyptian writings in hieroglyphs.

One more thing it can do for us, today, besides giving us knowledge and sense, is the fact it can inspire us. Not only us, one person or a little group, history can inspire a whole nation or continent, it can give them mutual goals or change their sight and understanding of something drastically. Maybe escorts from can help you with that also, without spending time reading books and talking to passionate historians. They can for sure help with some other stuff, especially the London escorts, which don't only understand the history of passion, but also its present and the right ways to treat it.

Knowing about our past can help us see and understand some warnings, because many wars and bad situations happened due to a series of causes and had deep roots. Studying them through the past can give us an insider look and deeper understanding on how things work, at the end that is what many politicians and economic experts do.